Estate Information / Move-in Guide
Move-in Guide
We have the pleasure of expressing our welcome to you on your moving into wonderland Villas. Before your moving in, please pay attention to the following items:

- Prior permission must be obtained from Wonderland villas Estate Office before any decoration contractor/workers are allowed to enter the building.  Application can be made by the flat owner by registering relevant information about the contractor and signing of an undertaking and pay deposit for the decoration work

- The working hours would be limited from 9:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. at week-days only. No decoration work are permitted to carry out during Sundays and public holidays. If the noise emitted from the decoration equipment / mechanism are  hazardous  to residents’  health,  it  is  prohibited  at any time of the day.  Mechanic  machine  or equipment  which  wiil  emit loud noise is restricted to use in order to minimise the nuisance  to residents,  it can be used only Monday thru Friday from 10:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.; and Saturday from 10:30a.m. to 2:00p.m.

Move in Arrangement When occupants move into the new flat, you are advice to notify the Customer Service Office for better arrangement.
Resident card Owners, occupiers or tenants may apply from the Club House for Residents Cards
Water Meter Please call the Water Authority at 28245000 to change the water meter.
(Change of consumership of water meter application form)
Electric Meter Please call the CLP at 26782678 to change the electricity meter.
(Change of consumership of electricity meter application form)

Management Fees

- Every month when you receive our management fee demand note, please arrange payment of management fees be made by cheque payable to “Hong Yip Service Co. Ltd” and drop it together with the demand note into the suggestion box at each Block’s ground floor lobby. Official receipt will be issued upon payment.

- Owners are encouraged to use the AUTOPAY system or the Payment by Phone Services (PPS) for the payment of monthly fees.